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Our Mission

Gay Therapy Space is an online management company that connects the LBGTQ+ and queer-identified community with licensed therapists in their states, and facilitates the delivery of therapy services from home for both clients and therapists, including providing scheduling and billing services through a HIPAA-compliant online video platform.

Benefits of Tele-Health

Gay Couples Therapy Pennsylvania - Gay Counseling Pennsylvania - Gay Therapy Pennsylvania

Ease of Entry

No need to commute. Meet where you are.

Gay Therapy Florida - Trans Therapy Florida - LGBTQ Therapy Florida


Easier to make and reschedule appointments.

Gay Therapy California - Trans Therapy California - LGBTQ Therapy California

Expanded Reach

Live in a different city? No Problem!

Gay Therapy Pennsylvania - Trans Therapy Pennsylvania - LGBTQ Therapy Pennsylvania

No Waiting Room

Hop straight into your appointment.

Gay Therapy Florida - Trans Therapy Florida - LGBTQ Therapy Florida

Stay Healthy

No need to risk a cold, the flu, or coronavirus.

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About Us

Gay Therapy Space is a product of these crazy times. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape of psychotherapy. Clients and therapists all over the world are discovering the value of video sessions from the comfort of their homes.

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