Benefits to Tele-Health

Changing Landscape

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape of psychotherapy. Clients and therapists all over the world are discovering the value of video sessions from the comfort of their homes. Here are 5 reasons why tele-medicine continues to be the ideal mode for psychotherapy sessions.

Ease of Entry

By hopping on the computer at home or at your work, you save time otherwise devoted to traffic and parking, finding the office, and dealing with after hour closures and locked doors.


It’s sometimes hard to devote an hour out of your schedule a week when having to travel to an office or be in a specific neighborhood. With tele-health, sessions can continue to happen no matter what the rest of your schedule looks like, or even what town you are in. It’s also easier to re-schedule at different times when there’s not as many office hours restrictions. 

Expanded Reach

Clients in one city can see a therapist in another city within your state, so you can have the option of having the best clinician for you, instead of being bound by a specific geographic region. For the LGBTQ community, this is especially important. 

Eliminates the Waiting Room

No one likes to sit in a waiting room with other patients, potentially losing your confidentiality, and having to share a small space with someone else. The digital waiting room provides a place to check in and wait for your session, without the discomfort.

Health Conscious Appointments

No risking your health by getting a cold, flu, or Covid when you are able to stay safe in your own home for your mental health needs.